I am a small-business owner in downtown Augusta. A couple years ago I looked in a few different towns to put my business. When I looked at buying a building in Augusta, I knew of Marci Alexander and her work on the City Council. I can honestly tell you, Marci was definitely one of the reasons I bought my building and moved my business from another town to Augusta.

Why? Because Marci is extremely supportive of small business. Marci once told me that when she was a little kid she worked at the local corner store on Sundays. A family owned store that made just enough money to get by. And it was this experience that gave her insight into the struggles of running a small business.

In particular, Marci understands that small businesses are the backbone of Maine communities. Marci understands as we face these difficult times finding employees, every young person that leaves our community is one less employee for our businesses. So she is not just about keeping families together, it is about keeping a labor market for the future in our community so that local businesses can thrive.

Most of all Marci is approachable, nonpartisan and willing to listen to other people’s ideas. I have always known that if I bring an idea to Marci she will really listen.

Marci really respects other people’s points of view and we don’t see a lot of that in politics. I think Augusta is fortunate to have someone of Marci’s caliber running for mayor and it would be unfortunate if she were not elected mayor. It would be a missed opportunity. So I recommend you vote for Marci Alexander. You will be glad you did.

Cynthia Roodman

owner, The List Salon and Gallery


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