Marci Alexander has lived, worked and raised her family in Augusta for well over 20 years. Her experience as a parent, community member, attorney and city councilor brings much to the table. Alexander’s legal experience is strong, having worked in private practice, as an assistant attorney general, where she gained experience in family law, health care and criminal justice, and as chief legal counsel for MaineGeneral.

This experience provides Alexander vast knowledge to enable her to understand issues facing families, businesses, and health care issues, including public health issues such as substance abuse.

I have known Alexander professionally as well as a friend for nearly 25 years. She is honest, hardworking, and fair. Alexander recognizes the promise that Augusta has and wants to share that with future generations. She is supportive of Augusta’s downtown, and projects that will revitalize the city. She is passionate about making Augusta a place where our children will have opportunities for employment and leisure, should they wish to return to raise their own families. She is a problem solver who aims to bring people together.

More recently, I have had the opportunity to observe Alexander in the business community having attended several events through the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce together. She is passionate, and sincere in her goals to help local businesses.

In fact, I heard she even volunteered to work on a weekend for a local business that could not find enough help to cater an event. Alexander has my vote as Augusta’s next mayor without a doubt!


Karen Boston


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