Seems that these days there are a lot of people dragging their feet about doing anything to correct the effects of both climate change and COVID-19. Many state the reason for doing little or nothing is that to correct these problems would cost too much in either money and/or human wellness and freedom.

Sadly, I must compare this lack of action to one who has a badly leaking roof.

In order to save the $6,500 needed to repair the leak, the owner does nothing. As the roof keeps on leaking, another thirteen thousand dollars damage is done to the home. Now the total cost of repair is $19,500. Triple what it was before. Plus the added moisture in the house may have created an unhealthy atmosphere in the home, making members sick and requiring medical attention.

As for doing little or nothing (not getting vaccinated and not wearing a mask), the delay and denial ended up costing more in money needed to correct, a failing economy, and hundreds of thousands of more lives lost.

It’s quite apparent that if more had been done, initially, to correct two serious problems, the cost would have been far less. Both in money, human lives and far better health.

I remember when people were saying “freedom’s not free” when it came to supporting war. Let’s now apply the same saying to doing the right thing about climate change and COVID. It’s not too late to still do the right thing.


Peter P. Sirois


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