It’s a holiday weekend and we hope everyone is celebrating well. But when you love your home, there’s reason to celebrate all year long. Julia and I love where we live and if you’re looking for your dream home, ready to make a change and sell in 2022, or just want to explore options, we are here to listen to your story and help you achieve your goals. Call us at 207-838-1651 or email

Meanwhile, as winter sets in, we continue to be grateful for our safe, warm home. Here are a few home maintenance reminders to keep you extra cozy this winter… and retain or increase the value of your home.

1. Smart device or simple digital, a programmable thermostat should be a standard in today’s homes. It can increase energy efficiency and will take a simple but vital task off your mind

2. If you were hosting yesterday, I’m sure you cleaned your fireplace before guests came over. Clean fireplaces are safe fireplaces. Cleaning is something you can do yourself and experts recommend that you get the hearth and chimney checked out professionally once a year.

3. Re-seal windows and doors, inside and out. Look at where vents or plumbing fixtures meet the outside wall too. If you see dry, cracked or peeling caulking, remove as much as you can and reseal it. If you do not have one, a caulking gun set up with sealant and tools is an affordable and smart investment.

4. If you do not have them, dimmer switches for overhead lights can set the tone. They are easy to install and will be appreciated by any future occupant. Even easier to install are smart bulbs, though some people may find them more complicated to work. Use your smart phone or smart speaker to control color and lighting temperature and set it to change at certain times.


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