Scott Adams of China stands with his wife Priscilla. After 32 years as Scoutmaster of Troop 479, he is now serving as the Troop’s committee chair and as the treasurer of the Bomazeen Old Timers as he tries to save the Scout camp he loves. Contributed photo

Scott Adams of China has stepped down as Scoutmaster of Scout Troop 479 in China, a position he held since Aug. 29, 1989.

When Adams became Scoutmaster, there were only four Scouts including his son Matthew. Thirty-two years later, Troop 479 remains one of the healthiest Scout Troops in Kennebec Valley District, and 44 Scouts from its troop have earned their Eagle Scout rank, according to a news release from Chuck Mahaleris, district vice chairman of the Kennebec Valley District of Scouting.

Adams is remaining active as the committee chair of Troop 479 and as treasurer of the Bomazeen Old Timers, which is working to protect the camp from being sold.

Adams, who recently received his 60-year Scouting Veteran pin, was a Scout in Troop 479 in 1966 under Scoutmaster Preston Mosher. “I joined because that was the thing to do,” Adams recalled.

Christian Hunter, who earned Eagle under Scott, became the troop’s new Scoutmaster in February. “Looking back it is hard to believe all that Mr. Adams did as Scoutmaster,” Hunter said. “Mr. Adams planned at least one campout and service project for the troop every month to keep the troop active and to help every scout in have the opportunity to advance in rank.”

“Mr. Adams was an excellent teacher, as Scoutmaster, and taught me and all the other Scouts in our troop many important lessons,” Hunter added. “Mr. Adams taught us how to plan outings, how to do everything in the Scout Handbook, and how to support and take care of our community. If you had a question about anything, Mr. Adams always had the answer and would explain it to you so that you would understand. He always made sure to test us on the skills, he had taught us, to make sure they would stay with us and help us as adults.”

Bomazeen Camp Director Bruce Rueger praised Adams’ dedication and work with the Bomazeen Old Timers. “Scott is the most passionate and effective Scout Leader I have worked with in the program,” Rueger said. The Old Timers fundraise throughout the year to provide camperships for youth in the area to attend Camp Bomazeen and to purchase building material and supplies for the camp. “I can’t even begin to imagine where the camp would be without all of his work.”

Rueger and Scott are working together to keep the camp from being sold so that Scouts from Waterville, Skowhegan and Augusta areas will continue to be able to use it for decades to come.

“Bomazeen to me is what Scouting is all about,” Scott said. “I will challenge anyone to come up with a waterfront and camp that is better than at Bomazeen. People do not realize the treasure that they have. It is simply outdoor camping at its best.”

Hunter said, “Taking over as Scoutmaster of Troop 479 is a huge undertaking because Mr. Adams was an excellent leader. There is no way I’ll ever be a Scoutmaster like Mr. Adams, but with the skills he taught me I will do my best to fill his shoes.”

Bruce Rueger, left, stands with Scott Adams at the Pleasant Street United Methodist Church in Waterville on Dec. 9. Adams was drawing the winning tickets for the major Bomazeen Old Timers Raffle. Prizes ranged from a new snow blower to a jar of homemade blackberry jam. Contributed photo

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