AUGUSTA — A Kennebec County grand jury has indicted a Fairfield man on five counts of possession of sexually explicit material and one count of dissemination of that material, which authorities said involved child pornography.

Jeffrey C. White Photo courtesy Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office

The indictment filed last week alleges that Jeffrey C. White, 37, was found in Benton early last year in possession of videos and photos of children under the age of 12 engaging in sexually explicit acts.

White has pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney. A search warrant was executed in the days leading up to White’s arrest. The indictment lists White as living in an apartment on Main Street in Fairfield but says the offenses occurred in February and April in Benton.

Maloney said she didn’t want to bias any future jurors and declined to discuss the case further.

A jury trial will be scheduled for sometime in August, according to court documents. The offenses are Class B felonies.

The dissemination charge involves at least 11 video files White intended to distribute on or about Feb. 20, according to the indictment.

The five possession counts relate to photo files that authorities say White had in his possession on or about April 16.

White was previously convicted of possession of sexually explicit material on June 19, 2019, in Skowhegan, according to the indictment. White is being held at the Kennebec County jail without bail because he violated the terms of his probation, Maloney said.

Lewiston lawyer Donald Hornblower was appointed to represent White, according to court documents, and he could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

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