The Tree of HOPE Perinatal Support Group, located at Northern Light Inland Hospital in Waterville, is scheduled to meet online via Zoom from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Sunday.

The support group is free and open to the public to support those who are experiencing perinatal mood disorders, which can occur during pregnancy and throughout the first year after pregnancy.

Postpartum depression, one type of a perinatal mood disorder, is a serious condition that mothers can experience after childbirth, typically arising from the combination of hormonal changes, the psychological transition to motherhood, and fatigue, according to a news release about the support group.

Signs to look out for include transitioning from partners to parents, lack of interest in the newborn, anxiety, nursing struggles, poor self-care, hopelessness/worthlessness, loss of interest in regular activities, isolation, fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbances (oversleeping, not sleeping at all), appetite changes, eating too much or not eating at all, unexplained physical illness (chest pain, hyperventilation, gastrointestinal upset, guilt/shame, anger/rage, and suicidal thoughts.

Those who know of anyone who might benefit from this support group are asked to encourage them to register or learn more at

For more information, contact Bridgette Gemelli, community health navigator, at [email protected] or 207-861-6091.

People can also contact Amanda Brown, RN, Northern Light Birthing at Inland Hospital Nurse, Tree of HOPE Perinatal Support Group facilitator at Inland Hospital, Maine State Postpartum Support International coordinator at [email protected] or 857-203-0482.

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