Beverly Bustin-Hathaway’s front-page article, reporting her retirement as Kennebec County register of deeds after 19 years, quoted her saying, “I’d rather be in the harness, but unfortunately, I can’t do it anymore.”

In addition to 19 years in the executive branch of government, Beverly served 16 years in the legislative branch, as a state senator, from 1980 to 1996. Those 35 years, plus work as a labor union representative, reflect well on her worthy, work ethic.

During service time, on the district court, I occasionally crossed paths with Beverly, during her Senate years; capped-off by two years, when we served in the same Senate session.

The quality of her ability to lead, in the public interest, is aptly evidenced by the exemplary caliber of the registry of deeds staff. The genial staff is helpful, careful, and skilled. Service with a smile.

Now, she retires, saying, “I’d rather be in the harness.” Her summary is clear: Beverly never will shed the yoke to care.


John Benoit


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