Alcoholism and alcohol and drug abuse continue to ruin lives. I have watched it destroy lives, break up families, abuse children, and become more important than a spouse. Denial and delusion prevent the need for help often ending in tragedy or death.

I spent my earliest childhood days victimized emotionally and in other ways. The damage continued to affect me and my immediate and distant family throughout my 65 years and is still doing so. Lives ended too soon, ended marriages for the love of feeling high, and damage to children that goes unnoticed.

With all the pain and suffering we all face that is out of our control, do we really need to hurt ourselves and others just to get a buzz or feel high? Seek help, pray, meditate, medicate with prescriptions, look outside yourselves and serve those in need or who are silently suffering. End denial. Aren’t your spouses, children, siblings and other loved ones worth it to you?


Steven DuBois


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