Leena A. Kouletsis

FAIRFIELD – Leena A. Kouletsis (nee Saikkonen) born June 27, 1934, in Helsinki Finland, passed away on Jan. 4, 2022, in Fairfield, from a stroke. Our Mom … she was a mother like any other, who loved her family more than anything, yet she was unique in so many ways.From a humble beginning against the back drop of World War II, she told stories of her life that most only read about in a book. With only a high school education, she spoke five languages fluently. She was well read, with a wealth of knowledge. She loved pitting her wit against Jeopardy contestants nightly. She was not only smart but funny, constantly entertaining with her quick wit and humor. Her sense of adventure and travel led her to England, where she met and married her husband of 65 years, James A. Kouletsis. She was so full of life. Her determination, or as the Finns say, sisu, showed whenever she set her mind to getting something done. And mind you it always got done. Although a more daunting task later in life, she never faltered once in 66years caring for our Dad with love, kindness, grace and dignity until his passing. Dad could not have said it better than when he said he was “Lucky” ! Her ability to create something out of nothing using her imagination and ingenuity made many a successful kid’s or grandkid’s costume, or a gourmet “space pot” meal. She always added the priceless ingredient of love. She was always in motion, nicknamed “Quickafoot” .She was the mender of broken hearts, skinned knees, and torn clothes. Blunt but honest, never in a demeaning way. Freely giving hugs whenever needed and nursing us through many an illness no matter how old we got.She had a way of making each of her children feel special, as if were each the most important thing in the world. She was always there to support and encourage us. She loved and cared for all of her grandchildren and loved seeing her great-grandchildren. The greatest source of joy for both her and Dad, she imparted many a story and the wisdom of her experience to them. We never had a lot but she made it all work. Showing us daily the most important element of family is love and hard work.Rakastamme sinua Aiti (We love you Mom)

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