Regarding Greg Kesich’s Jan. 2 opinion column “New England oil dealers try concern trolling,” I actually disagree with part of what he said. I was going to let it slide until this line: “Last February, an unprecedented cold snap hit a state in which many homes don’t have real heating systems.”

As a native Georgian, and former resident of South Carolina and Virginia, I’m well aware of weather across the South. Contrary to some who have never been there, the south does experience cold, even severe cold. The usual heating I had in nearly every single residence over 50 years was a gas furnace; heat pumps in the past could not handle extreme cold. I even had a wood stove once after removing the propane space heaters because I couldn’t afford to fill the propane tank.

Never once in my life have I ever dealt with any less than a real heating system. Nor do I know of anyone else in the South, including my Texas cousins, who experience this mythical condition.

This perpetuates the story of Southerners being less, having less and being worthy of condemnation. I am a proud to have descended from some of the first settlers of New England as I am proud to live here now, long after my Wilsons left the state. I chose to come here. I chose to retire here. Most folks have been accepting of my less-than-Maine accent. But having a prominent journalist talking about Southerners as less is way beneath the dignity of any journalist anywhere. I truly believe an apology is owed for a paper to print such a statement.

Delia Lunsford


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