I usually prefer not to respond to Maine Compass or other opinion articles, but Darcie McElwee’s rousing support of law enforcement really got my attention (“Recognition needed that first responders face growing mental health toll,” Jan. 2).

I’ve had jobs where I was in close contact with many cops. I will admit that the majority of those who went into law enforcement were true to their oath and really did serve and protect the public.

There was a certain percentage, however, who became cops because they were control freaks or outright sociopaths. Those are the ones who let their power go to their heads and harass and even abuse people, sometimes to the point of shooting them without just cause. Especially Black people and other minorities.

This is where the truly good cops can do much to improve their image with the general public. Instead of covering the errant cop’s deeds, they should be taking them to task as they would any other criminal. No more excuses.

When those cops who claim to be ‘”good” cops stop lying to protect the bad ones, maybe police departments will gain real respect (not fear) from the public when those departments start giving everyone equal protection under the law.

As a subway transportation worker in Philly, I saw too many examples of police brutality against minorities. That’s when I lost a lot of respect for the police.


If some police officers read this and are offended. Good. They deserve to be offended.


Peter P. Sirois


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