On Jan. 4, I had a hair appointment in Gardiner. When I left home my stairs were sanded and safe to use. When I returned home, it was raining.

I parked as close to my house as I could to avoid the rain, but to my surprise the stairs to go up to my house were covered in ice. I tried but couldn’t make it to my front door. By picking up snow with my bare hands I tried to make the stairs less icy but it didn’t work. I managed to go up 3 stairs and got stuck there. I’ll be 84 years old in a few weeks and was in a scary situation. How do I get back to the car? What do I do now? I’d been in the freezing rain for over half an hour. 

Finally I made it to the car and started driving toward Randolph where one house over from me there was a state trooper in the driveway. I considered him the miracle I needed to help me get home. 

I told him my situation. He told me to drive home and he’d be right over. He saw the ice and told me to stay in the car. I told him there was a sand bucket on the deck. I don’t know how he made it up there but he sanded the stairs and deck and told me to come up and leave my groceries in the car. I got home and he handed me my handbag and groceries that he had got out of the car for me. I asked this angel his name and I remember it was Jim but I’m hard of hearing therefore never got his last name. 

He’ll never know how much I appreciated his help. What made me drive in his direction and finding an officer there is an unexplained blessing. Thank you Trooper Jim and God bless you.


Joyce Acheson


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