It’s no wonder COVID ran rampant through the Kennebec County Correctional Facility. What a dump. What filth. Sheriff Mason and others should be embarrassed.

While there I used three different restrooms; all three lacked soap and paper towels. Twelve hours later at least one bathroom still lacked those items. In my cell there was toilet paper strewn about, along with a used mask and toothbrush. It was all still there when I was released. The drinking water comes from the back of a dirty toilet, which one can’t tell if the prior occupant has urinated on. I wasn’t allowed to read a book. The epicenter of inhumanity and disease is at KCCF.

I’m sure Democrats will weep and Republicans will smile. All the while, nothing will change and this state will disregard the well-being of so many people who need help. People who shouldn’t be treated like caged animals.

Billy Dolley


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