My state representative, Randy Greenwood, seems to have forgotten to “love thy neighbor.” Rather than encouraging his constituents to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors, he relied on “research” and social media to spread doubt on safe precautions and to voice outspoken opposition to COVID vaccinations even after he publicly disclosed his own case of COVID.

That’s what lead to his 12-day stay in the hospital. While he was using the resources of the ICU and the excellent care of dedicated health care professionals to treat his COVID, others in his community were not so fortunate. Statewide, so many beds and staff are being consumed by the unvaccinated, those with other health emergencies are languishing in hospital corridors, delaying treatment or being shuffled to other facilities. Many of those patients are not getting timely care. They are suffering. They are dying. That is not “research,” that is fact.

I am glad that he is still with us and that his still kids have their father. It makes me wonder, though: If Rep. Greenwood’s questionable decision-making puts his family and his community at risk, how can I trust that he will make positive, careful decisions for everyone in his district (and the state) on other important matters at the State House?

Mary Beth Paquette

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