Like many other businesses, banks in Maine are struggling to hire enough workers to meet their needs.

As a result, the Maine Bankers Association and its more than 30 member financial institutions have teamed up for a recruitment campaign to attract workers, the group announced Tuesday.

The campaign, named “Find Yourself in Banking,” is the result of the combined efforts of marketing professionals from member banks across Maine with the goal of getting people to think differently about a career in the banking industry, the association said.

“Many businesses are struggling to fill positions right now and banks are no exception,” said association President Jim Roche in a statement. “Though banking is typically regarded as a competitive industry, our members are all facing the same challenges and know how important it is to come together to tackle those as a united front.”

The association said Maine banks employ 9,000 people and offer a variety of careers including accounting, marketing, information technology, lending, management, security, customer service and human resources, according to a news release. Banks typically offer employment benefits such as tuition reimbursement, paid holidays, competitive salaries, volunteer opportunities, paid sick and vacation days, and set hours, it said.

“We want people to consider banking when they are exploring career opportunities,” said Karen Hakala, senior vice president of marketing at Norway Savings Bank and the association’s marketing committee chair.

For those interested, the association has set up a recruitment campaign web page at

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