Ambassador Maulian Dana represents the Penobscot Nation as she advocates for L.D. 1626, legislation attempting to fix racist abuses and exploitations by the State of Maine upon Maulian’s people.

Maulian has nerves of steel. Her role model is one of optimism, integrity, humility, courage and honesty for future leaders. She’s built an amazing and successful record fighting for social and economic justice, all while being threatened with rape, murder, lynching, and even called a “squaw.” Our middle class should watch carefully, and consider her high level skill set to represent Maine in the U.S. Senate.

The middle class is getting screwed. Natives have been taken advantage of much more.

It’s time to be represented in the Senate by someone like Maulian Dana who knows what it’s really like when the system fails. She’s a stateswomen and hero to me who won’t cave to rich people’s lobbyists.


Bob Jean


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