Scarborough police said a woman whose body was found Monday on the rocks at Prouts Neck in Scarborough is a 37-year-old Cape Elizabeth woman who drowned.

The woman was identified as Helen Armide and her car was found on Harmon Street near a seasonal residence owned by Armide’s family, Scarborough Police Chief Mark Holmquist said.

An autopsy done Tuesday afternoon confirmed the cause of death as drowning, Holmquist said.

“We may never know exactly what happened to her,” Holmquist said, but detectives hope to piece together a timeline of Armide’s day to help determine why she drowned. He said some parts of the cliff walk along Winslow Homer Road near where Armide’s body was found are very narrow.

Armide’s body was spotted by a group of hikers on the cliff walk around noon Monday, Holmquist said.

One of Armide’s sisters, Grace Delaguronniere, said the death was a “family tragedy,” but she had no information about what might have happened. Delaguronniere said the family had been going to the Prouts Neck home in the summer since childhood and her sister had lived in Maine for the last four years or so.

She declined to comment further.

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