Maine’s congressional delegation has secured more than $136 million in funding for projects in their districts. Here’s what’s being funded in central Maine:


— Maine Department of Transportation – Augusta Bangor Street Improvements: $4.8 million to fund the conversion of a 4-lane section of Bangor Street in Augusta to improve safety following several pedestrian and bicycle crashes over the years.

— Town of Winslow: : $1 million to address critical deficiencies associated with the existing Chaffee Brook Pump Station and Force Main to ensure the reliability of the town’s sanitary sewer collection system, and to address the recommendations associated with the town’s recently updated Combined Sewer Overflow Master Plan Update.

— University of Maine System – Adult Transitions, Learning and Success Pilot Program: $945,000 to support the University of Maine System pilot of a statewide entry-year experience for adult learners that leverages available resources to maximize second-year retention and improve workforce development statewide.

— Foundation for a Strong Maine Economy (FocusMaine): $919,000 to support FocusMaine’s Catalyzing Business Growth in Maine’s Marine and Agricultural Economy project to grow jobs in Maine’s food sector including, scale-up programs supporting growth-oriented food companies looking to sell more goods and services outside of the state. The accelerator program will support job creation in new careers and food economy efforts to build on the state’s 10-year economic strategy and climate change recommendations.


— Maine Department of Transportation – Vassalboro State Route 32: $800,000 to rehabilitate .74 miles of State Route 32 in Vassalboro to improve transportation access and to address deficiencies with safety, mobility, pavement drainage, pedestrian access, ADA compliance, and bicycle access.

— Maine Department of Marine Resources: $765,000 to fund the Maine Department of Marine Resources Planning for the Future of Maine’s Lobster Industry project. The project would strengthen DMR’s support of Maine’s lobster industry through implementation of an educational strategy and outreach with fishermen regarding right whales and impacts of new regulations.

—  Maine Development Foundation: $747,000 to support Maine Development Foundation’s work with existing entrepreneurs, focused recruitment and support of new entrepreneurs, and the development of programming and spaces for co-working.

—  Partnership for Children’s Oral Health: $650,000 to create the Virtual Dental Home, a community-based oral health care delivery system to expand dental care for children across eight counties in Maine.

—  Johnson Hall, Inc.: $411,710 to fund the second and final phase of the Johnson Hall renovation project, which addresses the theater’s interior.

—  City of Augusta: $265,000 to establish Project Recovery as a pilot program in August, connecting people suffering from substance use with immediate treatment resources and supporting their reintegration into the community after treatment.




—  Maine Department of Transportation – Pittsfield State Route 11: $3.2 million to rehabilitate 1.8 miles of Route 11 to address deficiencies with safety, mobility, pavement structure drainage, pedestrian access, ADA compliance, and bicycle access. This route is the primary access to Maine Central Institute and major employers in Pittsfield.

—  Main Street Skowhegan: $2 million to cover phase one costs of the Skowhegan Run of River Project for development of Whitewater River Park and improved river access, terraced seating for events and construction of the river park.

—  Town of Madison: $1 million to support the Forest Products Hub Economic Revitalization project’s engineering and equipment costs for the town to obtain an anaerobic digester that turns organic feed stock into renewable biogas, strengthening economic development in the region.

—  Town of St. Albans: $23,000 to improve the Town Hall building to make it handicap accessible. The project requires the installation of an elevator and entrance to the building and major improvements to a bathroom that is accessible to the public.


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