PFAS contamination is wreaking havoc on Maine farmers and their families and the Maine Legislature should immediately pass L.D. 2013.

Our son and his wife bought their organic farm in Unity six years ago and have put their hearts and souls into running a successful business. Two and a half months ago they learned that their land was spread with municipal waste in the early 90s. Since then their land, well, and bodies have tested positive for PFAS contamination. They can no longer remain on the land and are looking for a place to move. Just yesterday, when they normally might have been planting seedlings in their greenhouses, they spent the day taking their 3-year-old to a pediatric endocrinologist for testing.

Maine farmers who are effected by this contamination need strong support to address the financial and health impacts of PFAS contamination. L.D. 2013 would provide that assistance by establishing a fund that would help with income replacement, mortgage payments, health monitoring and relocation services.

If you value the local food system in Maine and care about your neighboring farms, please contact your legislators in support of this bill.


Betsy Hall Nordell

Helena, Montana

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