A new poll is revealing how many people celebrate the spirit of 4/20 in the workplace and while on the clock.

According to a survey published on April 13, almost one in three workers at 35 of the top professional companies have used marijuana while working either in the office or from home.

The survey was conducted by Blind, a social network for professionals, and asked 2,514 United States professionals from 35 companies – most of which are in corporate, tech or financial service industries – if they have used cannabis for “medical or non-medical purposes” while on the clock.

Twenty-nine percent of the workers surveyed said they have used cannabis while at work, the study showed.

“I have spent most of my pandemic high,” a software engineer at Wayfair said in the survey. “[I] haven’t noticed it affect[ing] my performance that much… most of the work on my plate was simple enough anyway.”

Half or more of the respondents at Robinhood and Splunk – investing and software companies, respectively – said they have recently used the drug during the workday.


The survey also noted many employees in the financial services industry also consume marijuana while on the job – with between 33% and 45% of surveyed workers at companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase saying they’ve used cannabis on the job in the past three months.

Companies like Apple, Coinbase and ServiceNow reported the lowest number of on-the-clock weed users, all showing with under 20% admitted high workers.

A Gallup poll from August 2021 found that nearly half of all American adults have tried cannabis at one point, which is the highest percentage recorded to date.

Eighteen states have legalized recreational marijuana use as of April 20, and all but 11 states have allowed medical marijuana use.

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