The Wells man charged with murder in the shooting death of his nearly 2-year-old niece will be held without bail, a judge ordered Tuesday.

Andrew Huber Young, 19, is charged with the May 21 shooting death of Octavia Jean Huber-Young. Police allege he also shot his father and brother during the altercation at the family’s home on Crediford Road in Wells.

Andrew Huber Young

Andrew Huber Young York County Jail

Huber Young appeared via Zoom hearing from York County Jail, where he sat behind a table, clothed in a paper hospital gown and surgical mask. He spoke only to acknowledge that he understood the charges against him. His court-appointed attorney, David Bobrow, did not contest a finding of probable cause.

Justice Richard Mulhern ordered Huber Young to have no contact with his father and brother, who were both shot, or with Samantha Higgins, Octavia Huber-Young’s mother. For the case to proceed, Huber Young must be indicted by a grand jury, which could take two months, said Assistant Attorney General Meg Elam, the prosecutor assigned to the case.

Police have said the shooting occurred after an argument between Andrew Huber Young and his brother, Ethan Huber Young, Octavia’s father.

Family members could not be reached for interviews and did not return messages Tuesday.


After the shooting Saturday afternoon, police said, Huber Young drove himself to the Wells police station, picked up the lobby telephone and told a 911 dispatcher what he had just done.

“I (expletive) up and accidentally shot at my (expletive) family,” he said, according to police.

When the dispatcher asked where the gun was, Huber Young said it was in the car, Maine State Police Detective Conner Walton wrote in the affidavit. Police then executed a search warrant on the car he had driven to the police station and found the .22-caliber handgun in the trunk, Walton wrote. He said casings were later found at the family home.

The argument between the brothers began at some point in the morning, in the family’s home, when Andrew noticed Ethan was wearing one of his Carhartt T-shirts, and the fight escalated when Ethan changed into a second T-shirt belonging to his brother, Andrew told police later. Then Candace Huber, her husband, Mark Evans Young, Ethan and Octavia left briefly, leaving Andrew alone at home.

When they returned, Ethan found that Andrew had been inside his bedroom and destroyed some of his belongings, according to the police affidavit. Ethan, in return, destroyed Andrew’s hamster cage.

Octavia Jean Huber-Young

Octavia Jean Huber-Young

Andrew’s parents threw him out and took his house key, according to the affidavit. Throughout the afternoon, the brothers kept antagonizing each other via text message until Andrew returned a little before 4:30 p.m. In the trunk of his car was his father’s .22 caliber pistol that he had taken earlier in the day without permission, police said. He attempted to get inside the house, but the door was locked.


Family members gave differing versions of how the shooting occurred.

Andrew Huber Young told police that he approached the house from the deck and could see his mother inside holding Ethan back from engaging with him.

When he raised the pistol, he told police, he saw his mother duck before he fired through the door.

Candace Huber said she spoke to her son through the locked glass door when he returned to the house and told him she would take care of his hamster, and that he then went back to his car and returned with the gun.

Then she heard gunshots, she told police.

After the shooting, “Candace saw Ethan with Octavia in his arms,” Walton wrote in the affidavit. “Ethan was screaming and telling her they needed to go. Candace, Mark, Ethan and Octavia got in her car and left. Andrew was standing in the driveway next to his car as they drove away.”


It’s unclear how many shots were fired; at least one round passed through the home’s glass side door, according to police.

At the hospital, Young, 56, and Ethan Huber Young, 22, told police that Ethan had been holding the baby and tried to run into a first-floor bedroom when he saw the gun, but he and his daughter were both shot anyway.

Doctors treated Young for a non-life threatening wound to his face. Ethan Huber Young was shot through the shoulder and was treated and released.

It’s unclear where Octavia was in the home when she was shot.

A woman who identified herself as a friend of Octavia’s mother set up a GoFundMe campaign after the shooting, and it had raised more than $6,500 to support the mother by Tuesday afternoon. She said in the description of the fundraiser that Samantha Higgins had another daughter and “an additional one is on the way.”

“Enduring such a loss is going to be” an extremely emotional process, wrote Michelle Blasi, the fundraiser’s organizer, “and we would like to see that she gets help financially so that she can be with family during this time.”

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