“Bosch: Legacy” 2022 streams on “Freevee” via Amazon Prime. In a scene from the TV series, from left, are Mimi Rogers, Titus Welliver and Gregory Scott Cummins. IMDb photo

Bosch (Titus Welliver) is back, but under Amazon’s new banner “Freevee,” with short commercials tucked in.

Go on Amazon, and learn what that’s all about.

But Bosch, out of the LAPD on bad terms, is alive and well and working the streets of the City Of Angels, out of a seedy office (what else) in an equally seedy neighborhood, like a homeless Bogart. Will he survive?

This, from the last season:

“Who are you if you don’t have a badge?” Chief of Police Irving (the big stoic and mean Lance Reddick) had asked Harry Bosch (Welliver) as he turned over his gun and his shield, disgusted. And in his typically brusque manner, the suddenly retired homicide detective just shrugged. “I’m gonna find out.”

He does.


Bosch is a civilian now and looking seedy himself: Unshaven, same weary eyes and tattooed arms bare. In other words, a new street private eye for the ladies, complete with “Mo” (Stephen A. Chang), a hip, tech-genius sidekick who will appear like a genie when needed. You’re gonna love “Mo.”

Mid-story, “Bosch: Legacy” begins with a shake, rattle and roar, as our guy sits up in his gorgeous hilltop glass house.

A 7-pointer (I know, because I’ve been through hundreds of them) shatters one of his windows, upsets Coltrane the dog and blows the lights.

A later check on the structure brings inspectors, who tell him his castle on the hill will soon be rolling down into the valley. Bosch is evicted and moves into his office.

For Bosch, this is the bottom he never had, and it’s all about cheating husbands, all-night surveillance, bail skips, missing wives and a mysterious billionaire like Whitney Vance (William DeVane) with a specific request, looking for a girl who had his baby 60 years ago.

With no heirs, Vance’s billions are at stake.


But the action starts right out of the barrel with Bosch’s daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz), now a LAPD rookie “boot,” seen working with a tough no-nonsense partner, who is chasing down an escaped collar. It won’t turn out pretty.

Stuff begins. Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers) is back at her old job after a failed assassination. Honey, recovered, teams up with Bosch.

If you, dear viewer can get past the new Amazon “Freevee” confusion and commercials (many can’t and are dropping out), I’m happy to report that the new Bosch, for this fan, is better than ever, scrubbier, tougher and grittier yes, but welcome to come into my house any night.

“Bosch: Legacy” streams on “Freevee” via Amazon Prime.

J.P. Devine of Waterville is a former stage and screen actor.

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