I’m a 72-year-old bicycle rider who would like to apologize to a motorist for my behavior while coming into the five-way intersection from the west on Route 137. While riding close to the speed limit I judged it appropriate to assert my position in the lane with normal vehicular traffic. I was going to make a left turn at the nearby stop sign. This apparently startled or at least angered the driver of a blue pickup coming behind me. I did not think that I hadn’t given his approach enough time to respond. I am not sure. He passed me honking his horn and gesturing.

I’m not positive that my actions (timing for taking the lane) to that point weren’t wrong. I am sure that riding next to him to register my unhappiness with the situation startled him and inflamed the situation. I am disgusted that I so automatically added fuel to the fire.

Bike riders are legitimate users of public roads and we share them with drivers of vehicles that always win in a physical interaction. I (and all bike riders) can’t afford to promote an atmosphere of conflict. I do take pains to honor traffic regulations and to be courteous to car and truck drivers, but I blew it this time.


Dan Bloomer


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