When we no longer believe we can reach the stars, we have lost hope and our humanity begins to settle. Allowing mediocracy to to be our guiding star encourages finger-pointing rather than progress and cursing instead of conversation. Settling leaves no room for the individual and reduces our shared identity to mob rule. We have been better than this. We have walked on the moon, preserved great swaths of nature, and defeated polio. Our greatness does not depend on our deeds, but rather it rest with our people. People with imagination, tolerance, and determination.

We can and will rise above our partisan fears and insecurities, but only when working together is more important than winning. When hope is not seen as some ideal nonsense, but as a living, breathing reality. We have temporarily lost our way and forgotten what we can accomplish as one nation. Each one of us has something to contribute. Whether it is volunteering at a local food pantry, running for public office, or lending a neighbor. a helping hand. It’s not brain surgery and never has been. It’s compassion, determination and a willingness to push beyond the obstacles. We have done it in the past and can continue to do it today if we choose.

By contributing to hope, we help reduce our own feeling of helpless. No longer will we throw up our hands in despair because contributing what we can, when we can makes us part of the answer.


Michael Walley


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