Everyday there are new reports about how climate change is already impacting our lives and livelihoods. Temperatures are rising and habitats are changing. Today I read that with warmer weather and longer growing seasons, peaches could become our state’s next big crop. It’s hard to believe this is happening here in the Pine Tree state, where even the University of Maine is studying peaches.

Thankfully more and more clean energy sources are being developed that will help mitigate the impacts of climate change. Accommodating these new sources requires substantial investment in our electricity infrastructure.

Instead of focusing on making these vital investments, there is a group that wants us to borrow billions of dollars to buy up our utilities and create a large government authority that will control electricity across the state. Not only is this scheme financially expensive, it’s also environmentally expensive. It will set us back at least a decade as we wait for all the details to be hashed out. During that time, no meaningful investments will be made to our electric grid.

We know the years ahead are crucial for our planet. We cannot afford to wait one day, let alone 10 years. If that happens, we could find ourselves learning how to cultivate orange groves.


Judy Whiting


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