Climate change is real and it’s happening now. I’m proud that we live in a state that has developed a serious plan to address it. The plan calls for much of our economy to switch from fossil fuels to electricity, a switch that will require a modern and resilient grid to bring on new supplies of renewable energy.

If taking over CMP and Versant Power would make that transition happen more quickly, I’d be all for it. But I think it will do the opposite. Fighting over who owns the grid will stall the state’s climate action plan. CMP and Versant are in the process of upgrading their systems to handle increased electricity loads and more clean energy. Buying them will grind this work to a halt. Nothing will be done for at least 10 years while the government fights with the companies over the price of the assets and cobbles together a whole new public entity to replace them.

Our planet is in trouble. We need to act now to reduce greenhouse gases, not 10 years from now.


Alice Stevens 

West Gardiner

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