AUGUSTA — Spectrum Generations is seeking volunteers to serve as facilitators and provide assistance in numerous other ways for the organization’s Medicare education program. Volunteers with the Medicare education program are trained to empower, educate and assist community members to help them make informed decisions about their Medicare options.

“Medicare is a complex, but important topic. At Spectrum Generations, we are committed to ensuring our community members have access to free support and resources to help navigate the Medicare enrollment process,” said Katie Carlson of Spectrum Generations, according to a news release from the agency. “When you volunteer with this program, you are truly making a significant difference in your community by helping ensure people have access to trustworthy, unbiased information and have support in enrolling in Medicare plans that best suit their needs.”

Volunteers are trained and supported by Spectrum Generations staff before and throughout the time they serve as volunteers. The initial training covers topics such as the parts of Medicare and how to enroll in Medicare. Additionally, volunteers are supported by mentors who are current Medicare educators.

Several different roles are available for volunteers within the Medicare education program, including:

• Medicare Admin: printing and organizing educational materials, assembling packets;

• Part D Educator: discussing the Medicare drug plans (Part D) with individuals;


• Medicare Educator: review Medicare plans with individuals to help them understand what options are available to them; and

• Medicare 101 Facilitator: facilitate sessions of Medicare 101, which provides a high level understanding of Medicare to participants before they meet with a Medicare Educator.

Volunteers also have the opportunity to work with individuals to discuss the Medicare advantage plans (Part C) and verify whether they qualify for Medicare Savings Plans.

The Medicare education program is provided to community members free of charge as a service of Spectrum Generations.

Those who  are interested in volunteering with the program, contact Stacey Forkey, Spectrum Generations’ volunteer coordinator, at 207-620-1684 or  [email protected].


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