It came as no surprise to read the editorial on Aug. 25, “Banning books gets students nowhere.” This newspaper has long been the advocate for liberal and leftist thinking. But, unfortunately, this time, young students (as young as 9) can be affected by such thinking. Your apparent defense of soft pornography in our schools totally ignores the very real injury that is inflicted on immature and unstable minds.

Completely dismissing parental concerns, the editorial states: “They should trust their school librarians to do what they’ve always done: use their skills and experience, as well as long-established protocols, to choose books that are enriching and age-appropriate” (emphasis mine). However, judging by recent decisions that were made, such oversight by school librarians is hardly comforting! Parents must become more engaged in this issue, even at risk of school boards challenging their presence — shouting “unqualified” or “censorship” at their involvement.

Parents, stand up for your children’s moral and physical well-being. Don’t be bullied into silence because some will call you names. The “Sexperts” and their reading materials, “Gender Queer” and “It’s Perfectly Normal,” must not win this one! As one gentleman in the KJ commented: “Once innocence is lost, it is lost forever.” All of our children need proper guidance and direction.

Pat Truman


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