Is President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program unfair to those who never went to college? Of course it is. Is it unfair for students to face years of debt? Of course it is. Everyone should be able to make a living wage, have a home and not be burdened by medical, student or cost of living debt.

Why not implement both student loan forgiveness and provide a living wage to all Americans? If corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share, the money is there. Revenue would go to the states, which would develop their own programs following federal rules and according to each state’s needs.

What is the difference between corporate tax forgiveness and student loan forgiveness?

Corporations tell us that they are the backbone of the U.S. economy. No doubt they are essential, but it is the small, local business that hires locally, reinvests in the community and fuels the economic engine in our communities. Have you ever heard any elected official say anything different about small businesses? The political will should be there.

Jo Myers

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