Kent Ackley Submitted photo

Party affiliation:


Social media accounts:;

Registered Maine Guide, small business owner

Bachelor of Arts; Master of Business Administration

Community Organizations:
Monmouth Select Board; Annabessacook Lake Improvement Association

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):

Family status:

Years in the Legislature: 4

Committee assignments (if elected):
Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry


Define what “success” would look like if you are elected to serve your district.
Local concerns for Litchfield, Monmouth and Wales include: 1) Addressing PFAS-contaminated groundwater in North Monmouth and arsenic-contaminated wells throughout the towns so that every home has affordable access to safe drinking water; 2) Solving the liability concerns that prevent local recycling and salvaging of materials from the transfer station that increase municipal disposal costs; 3) Holding CMP accountable for increased costs and poor customer satisfaction; and 4) Protecting Maine elections from foreign influence.

As a lifelong independent, I’ll be a legislator who shows up, does the hard work on the local issues, and listens to constituents without regard to partisanship.

Characterize your view on public access to governmental business.
The citizens of Litchfield, Monmouth and Wales deserve a state government that is transparent, proactive, and serving the interests of its constituents. That’s how I will serve.

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