Party affiliation:


Social media accounts:

CEO, Wilson’s Recreation

Master of Business Administration, Southern New Hampshire University

Community Organizations:
Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars; member, American Legion; member, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):
I am married to Sarah Wilson. I have a daughter (Kenna), and I have two step-children (Ethan and Daniel). I love to hunt; I hunt deer, bear, moose, birds, and coyotes. I also enjoy fishing, but my children are all better at it than I am.

Family status:

Years in the Legislature:


Committee assignments (if elected):
Criminal Justice and Public Safety


1) Define what “success” would look like if you are elected to serve your district.
Responsible leaders must listen and successful leaders must be willing to compromise. In my time in the Legislature, I was known for being a consensus builder, negotiating some of the most important legislation in front of the Legislature.

In 2013, the local press labeled me a “Maverick” because of my willingness to break party lines. During my legislative service, no other lawmaker broke party lines more than I did. I am truly independent and my voting history supports my independence.

On both sides of the aisle there is so much hate for one another. I don’t believe that any of us really wants that. I aim to be the bridge between the left and the right. I believe that we must all work together for the betterment of our state and the survival of our nation.
There will be many tough issues that will come up during this session, but if we take the time to listen to one another, get to know one another, and put aside the hatred I know that we can find a path forward that both sides can be proud of.

In the Legislature, I will work with anyone if I believe the idea is the right one for my district. I will only work for the people of Winthrop and Readfield, not special interest groups or political parties.

Success for me is clear: compromise and exercise independent judgment.

2) Characterize your view on public access to governmental business.
Transparency in government is critical. Ensuring meetings are open to the public and that documents are available for inspection greatly assists in achieving transparency. As a general rule, all governmental business should be open to the public.

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