Party affiliation:


Social media accounts:
FB: Katrina Smith for Maine; IG:KatrinaforMaine

Realtor and small business owner

BA, Sociology. Gordon College

Community Organizations:
Waldo County Republicans

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):
I am an outdoor woman at heart. Gardening, hiking, foraging and walking the dogs keep me busy. Anytime that I can spend with my own kids and grandkids is my absolute favorite thing to do.

Family status:

Years in the Legislature:


Committee assignments (if elected):
Labor and Housing or Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business


1) Define what “success” would look like if you are elected to serve your district.
Currently Maine is the third worst state for doing business (CNBC). Success as a legislator would be to propel Maine out of this uncoveted spot and make our state open and attractive to business. The people of Maine struggle with the cost of health care, childcare and, especially right now, even with the expenses of daily living. By making Maine a business friendly environment we will attract companies and entrepreneurs that provide wages which allow Mainers to pay for decent childcare, cover their medical expenses and put aside the worry about how to heat their homes during our long winter. We must give future generations the hope of being able to live and stay in Maine.

Success would also be allowing all children to attend a school that is free from the burdens of adults. Children should learn in an environment that does not expose them to issues of sex beyond their years, political talk meant for adults or hatred of any kind. Success would be knowing that when a parent sends their child to school they can have complete trust that math, reading and science will be taught that day and their child’s social understanding will remain the duty of the parent.

Success in the Legislature is continuing the Maine tradition of watching out for our neighbors, caring for our environment, remaining the safest state in the nation and preserving our freedoms. Maine is an amazing state, and I will work to keep it that way.

2) Characterize your view on public access to governmental business.
The government is and should always be the people’s house. The people of Maine deserve transparency and access to governmental proceedings. This access 100 percent includes in-person access which was denied to the Maine people for many months.