Robert Nutting:


Social media accounts:;

Retired pharmacist

B.S. in Pharmacy. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

Community Organizations:
Oakland Town Council, current member; Oakland Lions Club, past president

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):
I enjoy hunting, gardening, woodworking, and golf.

Family status:
Married to Wendy Nutting; three children, five grandchildren

Years in the Legislature:


Committee assignments (if elected):
None listed.


1) Define what “success” would look like if you are elected to serve your district.
I have lived here all my life. Maine is a beautiful state with generous, hard-working people. They deserve a government that lets them keep more of their own money, leaves them alone when they’re not harming others, and provides them with the basic duties of government: freedom, security, opportunity, and affordable energy and transportation.

We have been experiencing record-breaking spending and inflation, senseless mandates and regulations which have ruined lives and businesses, policies that will make staying warm in winter or gassing-up the car a serious challenge, and many others.

Despite record spending, Maine still has many problems we need to solve: a massive drug problem, schoolchildren falling behind those in other countries, the serious shortage of health care workers, tradesmen, and first responders. We must fix our crumbling roads and bridges, and lower taxes so people are not driven out of the state they love.

The key to success in Augusta is forming relationships with members of all parties. Being able to disagree on policy without being angry or petty has become something of a lost virtue in both Augusta and Washington. I know we can do better.

During my previous eight terms in the Legislature, including when I became the Speaker of the House in 2010, I established good working relationships with other legislators. I know I can re-establish those collegial relationships to pass common sense legislation that helps Mainers. Working together to achieve the goals stated above would be a success in my view.

2) Characterize your view on public access to governmental business.
Openness to the public and media is essential to democracy. A benefit of a citizens’ legislature is accessibility to state officials. Mainers can participate in public hearings, email or phone their representatives directly, and they can talk directly to their representatives when they see them around town.

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