DAMARISCOTTA — “Relationships with Ourselves as We Age” will be the focus of the Inn Along the Way’s third 2022 summer Challenging Conversation Circle,” scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 25, at the Chapman Farm, 741 Main St.

Having a good relationship with oneself during the aging process is the foundation for important insights and decisions about one’s life. At an interactive discussion, facilitated by Stephen Ward, panelists will be invited to share the stories about what it means to simply consider oneself, everyday. That consideration might include self-care, self-respect, goodwill and self-love, according to a news release from Sherry Flint at the Inn Along the Way.

Panelists include Margaret “Maggie” Atwood, who will reflect upon the power of curiosity to change ones life. Ben Cooke who will describe the creation of stories through going places, the communal recalling of stories, and the necessity for the telling of people’s own stories. Bernard “Bernie” DeLisle will discuss reframing oneself by turning ideas into action.

They will demonstrate through stories, words and actions that if people believe in and have confidence in themselves, they are setting up a positive environment for change within themselves, no matter what their age may be. The panelist’s reflections on self will show how their puzzle’s picture has been and continues to be created as each diverse and unique piece falls into place by focusing on the present while at the same time planning for the relationship with one’s future self.

Current State of Maine CDC guidelines and protocols will be followed. For the safety of all, unvaccinated participants will be asked to wear a mask.

For more information, contact Flint at 207-751-6261 or [email protected].


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