With Election Day now just weeks away, I’m eager to hear where the gubernatorial candidates stand on one of the issues of great concern to Mainers, particularly older Mainers on a fixed income. Electric bills jumped by 30% for average use customers this year with no meaningful break in sight while winter is just around the corner.

No one should have to choose between necessities — such as medicine and food — and needed utility services. In a state like Maine with a widely distributed population, many of our most vulnerable residents live in remote corners of our state. All consumers deserve affordable utility service that keeps us warm in the winter, cool in the summer and with the lights on when we need them.

Where do the gubernatorial candidates stand on this issue? If elected, how will they protect Mainers on a fixed income from skyrocketing utility rates, and bring equity to Maine’s utility policy?

Pam Partridge

AARP Maine Volunteer Advocate

North Anson

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