I’ve been living in Waterville for the past 11 years and it’s nice to see that the city is taking steps to beautify its look starting downtown and working towards the outer edges of Waterville. It was nice to finally see the old Weathervane sign taken down on KMD near the exit of I-95. This towering rusted piece of metal was the first thing people from out of town were greeted with when exiting the turnpike.

I’m wondering why the city chose to stop at just that sign? Just across the street are two other abandoned metal towers that are eyesores. One is at the now-closed Burger King and the other is at the entrance to Damon’s Beverage. These are empty metal frames that haven’t been used for anything for years. Maybe the code enforcement officer can apply the same rules to the owners of those structures that he did to Marden’s and force them to take them down also.

Every building in that area has undergone a facelift over the last few years and it looks nice now. I’m sure Burger King will have a new owner or another business will be there at some point and give that building a fresh new look. Taking down those abandoned sign towers will be a good finishing touch in that area.


Donald Fournier