The remains of a garage at 369 Crowell Hill Road in Vassalboro, with the owners’ house in the background. The garage caught fire Saturday night, but firefighters were able to prevent it from spreading to the nearby log home. Photo courtesy of Vassalboro Fire Department

VASSALBORO — A fire Saturday night destroyed a garage and shed, but firefighters were able to save the house on the property, according to Chief Walker Thompson of the Vassalboro Fire Department.

A neighbor reported a garage fire at 369 Crowell Hill Road just after 9 p.m., Thompson said Sunday morning. By the time firefighters arrived, the 30-by-50-foot garage was fully ablaze and a nearby shed had also caught fire.

Thompson said the immediate priority was protecting the log home on the property, which was about 30 feet from the garage. One side of the house had charring, but the building is habitable, he said.

The garage, which contained a tractor and pickup truck, and the shed, which held wood pellets, were destroyed. The homeowners have insurance on the property, Thompson said.

The homeowners were asleep when the fire began, Thompson said. They were awakened by neighbors and able to evacuate the house safely and without injury.

“I’m just glad that nobody got hurt and the folks still have their house,” Thompson said.

Thompson said Sunday it appeared the fire was caused by an electrical issue with the tractor in the garage. The homeowner had been working on the tractor several hours before the fire.

Thompson said given the significant damage, it is difficult to pinpoint the fire’s exact cause.

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