I own and operate a small business in Waterville. Robert Sezak has been my landlord there for over 20 years. Unfortunately, I do not live in House District 67, Benton and Fairfield, where he is currently running for state representative, because I would love to give him my vote. Instead, I am writing in support of his election.

Sezak is a businessperson himself and understands the difficulties of being in business. With his help and advice, I have been able to make a number of improvements in my store. His input has been invaluable. He has consistently been supportive and helpful, as concerned for his tenants as he is about his building. He truly wants his tenants to thrive.

I am unable to vote for him; but I urge voters in Benton and Fairfield to get to the polls on Nov. 8 to cast their ballot for Robert Sezak.


Ellen Richmond


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