FARMINGTON — A Florida woman has been charged in connection to a road rage incident Wednesday afternoon on state Route 133.

Alyssa Black made a complaint to police after the incident. She posted a video showing a woman stopping her vehicle in the road in front of her car and getting out. The woman in the first car came up to Black’s driver’s side window and punched it several times before getting back into her own car and driving off.

Black could be heard saying “Go. Go,” on the video when the car first stopped.

The car came back to an Ohio registration and police couldn’t find it, Farmington Deputy Chief Shane Cote said Friday.

“We never located the vehicle,” he said.


Officer Ryan Rosie received several calls on Thursday identifying the driver who punched the window. Her employer also called police.

Police saw the video the victim posted online, Cote said. He did not release the victim’s name.

Black gave the Sun Journal permission to use her name. In the video, Black said that the woman nearly hit her vehicle at one point while driving by her. She used her phone to record the incidents.

Police ended up calling the driver, Crystal Moyer, and she came to the Farmington Police Station.

Rosie issued summonses to Moyer, 28, of Sebastian, Florida, on Thursday on charges of misdemeanor driving to endanger and criminal threatening.

She is scheduled to appear Dec. 6 to be arraigned at a Farmington court.

A conviction on a driving to endanger charge carries a maximum six months in jail and criminal threatening is punishable by up to 364 days in prison.

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