As a summer resident of Pattee’s Pond, I urge Winslow residents to vote yes to ban fireworks (“Winslow residents to decide whether to ban the use of fireworks in town,” Sept. 30). My primary concern is for the lake and its inhabitants. When fireworks explode, they release very fine dust particles, which are rich in toxic metals. It is these metals which provide the colorful displays. Litter from firecrackers, bottle rockets and other explosives can be choking hazards for wildlife and may be toxic if ingested. I am very concerned about the effect of these toxic substances on the water quality and aquatic life.

When I first moved to the lake, I was glad to her that Camp Caribou hosted an annual fireworks display. I was not expecting so many camp dwellers to let off fireworks all around the lake. So loud and so scary! The panicked cry of a duckling separated from its family is forever etched in my memory. It didn’t understand what all that loud noise was about. Unlike the duck (and other wildlife), I know to prepare for these booming events around the first week of July.

However, I am unprepared for these explosive disturbances at random times throughout the summer. Some fireworks sound just like gunshots and are especially concerning during these times of mass shootings. I am grateful that I do not have PTSD, but I feel sorry for individuals who do. Loud unexpected noises are not only startling, they can cause stress and anxiety.

Please Winslow residents, vote yes to ban fireworks for personal use.

Linda Woods


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