In English class, one of the assignments is to read the local newspaper. What was disturbing for me was reading a couple of articles on the front page of the Morning Sentinel, one headlined, “Jurors convict mother in killing,” by Emily Allen, and the other headlined, “10-year-old testifies on first day of assault trial,” by Keith Edwards.

For me it was very disturbing to read the front page of the paper. I found that I didn’t want to read any more of it. I understand the importance of getting that information out to the public who would like to know, but for readers like me who don’t read the paper often, it would help with pulling us in to read it more often if the front page simply hosted positive news. I was just thinking that something a bit more uplifting would be a more effective way to get people like myself to read the paper more often.

When I walk by the newspaper in the stores, I never take the time to read them. Every now and then I see an uplifting article on the front and I’ll pick it up and take a minute to give it a quick read. It’s more pleasant to read something positive right off than a negative. Maybe an uplifting article about our community and how it’s doing. Just my thoughts and suggestions.

What about once a week make the whole front page of the paper nothing but positive news. I think it would get more people to read the paper, and I feel it would help them feel better about reading the news.


Pamela Perkins


Editor’s note: The writer is a student at Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education in Waterville.

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