On Nov. 12 the Sentinel published an article about leadership in the state Senate, briefly mentioning the accomplishment of the Senate Democrats keeping their nine-seat majority. However, what hasn’t been reported is that the Senate Democrats have defied the odds and protected their historic majority by reelecting every incumbent, and also flipping Senate District 16 from red to blue, electing former fire chief David LaFountain.

It should not go unnoticed that it’s a big deal that Sen.-elect LaFountain flipped District 16. Not only has the seat been controlled by the Republicans for the last decade, special interest groups outspent him in District two to one, with thousands of dollars being spent in the form of direct attack ads against LaFountain.

LaFountain’s grassroots effort and impressive win of this seat through direct voter contact should not be overlooked.


Samantha Burdick


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