Inflation touches everyone, at a rate not seen since 1980. The most predominant underlying factor is the cost of energy. Certainly, multiple factors increased the dollar tag on oil, but President Biden’s anti-energy independence policy is the most aggravating one. He publicly stated from day one that he would end fossil fuel energy and enacted policies in favor of other options. He repeated those sentiments this month. This simply cannot be done and still expect low energy costs. Is this intentional? It punishes the entire country.

Nationwide, we spent an average of $2.50 per gallon for regular gas in January 2020. Now, in mid-November 2022, it’s down to $3.80. That’s right; down from just shy of $5 in July 2022, double the price since Biden’s inauguration.

The high cost of gas affects all other products. Regular groceries conservatively increased an average of 7% to more than 16%. Sorry, bub, but if your pay increased 5% (which is a healthy amount), you are still behind in the game.

To many, this year’s election was about abortion. But Maine’s statutory abortion protection enacted in 1994 made Roe v. Wade irrelevant! Abortion has always been a state issue, not itemized in the Constitution. The 10th Amendment says if a power is not specified to the federal government, it belongs to the states or the people. Yet abortion was a major rallying point in this month’s national election. People should have looked to their State laws. This voting season should have been solely about the economy. But it wasn’t, due to voter ignorance.

We haven’t even touched on other issues driving national expenses, like illegal immigration, and here we are electing politicians who support Biden’s inflationary, anti-American policies.

Is this a love of misery?


Greg Paquet


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