FAIRFIELD — The Town Council has appointed Lawrence MacDonald to fill a vacancy after Mark Cooper resigned from the council in October.

The council received eight applications for the opening and councilors last week voted unanimously to appoint MacDonald.

MacDonald was a candidate in the general election earlier this month for one of two seats on the council, but was defeated by incumbent Stephanie Thibodeau and former Councilor Peter Lawrence. Thibodeau received 1,465 votes to Lawrence’s 1,385 and MacDonald’s 1,224.

Lawrence MacDonald Courtesy photo

MacDonald, the owner of a used car dealership and repair facility in Fairfield, has not been involved in local government, but said previously that as a business owner, he feels he has a duty to the community.

He said his experience as a business owner would benefit the Town Council, and he believes there is a disconnect between residents and their representatives at every level of government, leaving people feeling unheard and frustrated.

MacDonald is to begin on the council immediately and hold the seat until January 2024.


The Fairfield town charter stipulates the council appoint a successor within 30 days to serve until the next municipal election, which is set for next November.

In discussing the applications for the open seat, councilors said they appreciated that MacDonald had entered the election and invested in a campaign.

Councilor Matthew Townsend said he thought MacDonald could bring a new perspective to the Town Council, especially as a business owner.

Townsend said he appreciated that MacDonald had “taken the time to run for office, made a personal investment in time and money to try to gain a council seat and has invested in the town.”

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