Madison Area Memorial High School has announced the following students were named to its first quarter honor roll for the 2022-23 academic year.

Grade 12 — High honors: Madison Askew, Maci Belanger, Ashlee Clough, Cody Cook, Leila Daskowski, Peyton Estes, Callan Franzose, Natalie Haley, Austin Mercier, Amzi Olson and Isaac Ouellette.

Honors: Olivia Askew, Carissa Coltrain, Quinn Cornforth, Abel Corson, Tori Culleton, Dennon Easler, Colby Heady, Breanna Watson, Kaleb Watson, Gracin Whitish, Trent Worster and Andrew Young-Fernandez.

Honorable mention: Christopher Call, Adriana Carter, Garrett McLean, Madison Perkins, Logan Real, Dawson Roderick, Sumner Taylor, Jazmine Towle and Xavier Willis.

Grade 11 — High honors: Makayla Cipriano, Alison Griffith and Hope Nadeau.

Honors: Jaynna Andrews, Bradley Corson, Kylee Furbush, Breianna Gross, Alexander Hood, Elisha Ireland, Zachary Leona, Madylyn Masters, Emily Norton, Ashleigh Padelford, Braden Paradis, Jarek Savage and Brode Strout.


Honorable mention: Griffin Aldrich, Addison Belanger, Madison Coltrain, Tyler Cyr, Marina Gilman, Aidan Nile and Sadie Wheeler.

Grade 10 — High honors: Nathan Cornforth, Raegan Cowan, Leila Dunphy, Ella Haynie, Elizabeth Kelley, Ethan Linkletter, Jacey Moody, Aurora Norsworthy, Makenzie Robbins, Lawrence Soucie and Allison Tuscan.

Honors: Jeason Almeida, Bryan Donnelly, Ally Drury, Noah Lacorazza, Lilly Masters, Marcus Mercier, Sabelle Pinkham, Hailey Poissionnier, Wyatt Poissionnier, Reana Scott, Mackenzie Swihart and Olivia Urquhart.

Honorable mention: Alicia Bolduc, Mikal Corley, Isabell Cote, Brady Lavasseaur, Arron Rogers, Marcus Webber and Carmyn Young.

Grade 9 — High honors: Alaska Clark, Griffin Dickey, Kylee Foss, BryAnna Hagopian, Madison McManus, Jordyn Nichols and  Jade Young.

Honors: Skye Burgoyne, Alyssa Burrows, Alivia Dionne, Gavyn Easler, Rogue Finnegan, Nevaeh Giguere, Zachary Griffeth, Emma Johnson, Cale Landry, Tameron MacInnes, Morgan Mason, Draek Poissionnier and Michal Wilshusen.

Honorable mention: Julian Bell, Hope Easler, Connor Fortin, Ava Landry, Kamdyn Norton, Haley Orr, Kaitlyn Soucie and Sophie White.



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