The Bureau of Motor Vehicles will reopen 13 branches Wednesday to walk-in service after a threat led to their partial closure on Tuesday.

The 13 branches were open Tuesday only for previously scheduled appointments.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ Enforcement Division, Capitol Police, Maine State Police and other law enforcement agencies investigated the threat that was possibly made by an “aggrieved customer,” BMV spokesperson Emily Cook said in a release Tuesday night.

No arrests have been made, Cook said.

“While the investigation continues, I do not have much else to add, just to say that the threat was specific enough that we felt it best to close the branches to walk-in customers today,” Cook said. “We deeply appreciate the collaboration with law enforcement to investigate the threat today, provide additional security at our locations, and help guide our decision making.”

Cook said the BMV branches will be fully open Wednesday, but customers can also access BMW’s online services. Some services, such as REAL ID-complaint credentials can only be completed in person.

Tuesday’s visitation restrictions were announced by the BMV in a statement that said the threat was “potentially from an aggrieved customer.” The release did not provide any details about the nature of the threat, which branches it targeted, or whether law enforcement had identified a suspect.

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