It is with a heavy heart that I respond to so many “brief or short illness” obituaries. Although I am sure some of these brief or short illnesses are in fact true statements of death, it is also true that many are because the poor =souls have succumbed to drugs in some way.

Either by addiction, or by mistake, people are dying every day because they are ingesting drugs laced with fentanyl. When will the Maine drug enforcement agents stop this madness? Innocent lives are being lost because of a singular, erroneous line snorted or ingested in some way. Because of a party drug being passed around, or unknowingly laced in a seemingly innocent joint.

When will this madness end? Mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, wives and husbands are being taken from us. When one beautiful soul is lost because of a simple, small lapse in judgment, it is too much to bear. Enough is enough. Maine DEA is as responsible as the drug dealers for these untimely deaths.

These losses of life are on them.

This beautiful state needs help that they clearly cannot provide.

Melissa Mountain


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