SPRINGFIELD, Mass. —  Timothy Doyle of West Gardiner, working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering, is among more than 100 students who presented their product development and innovation projects on Dec. 8 at a Product Innovation Showcase.

The showcase was held in Rivers Memorial Hall on the university campus.

Doyle’s project is titled HandiZip. HandiZip is a unique pair of clips that assists with aligning and using zippers. Compatible with most jackets and coats, HandiZip takes the frustration out of zippers, particularly for those with limited dexterity.

The Product Innovation Showcase is the culmination of a co-curricular course where entrepreneurial teams of engineering and business students collaborate for an entire semester to turn new product ideas into marketable products. Engineering students develop a functional prototype, while business students develop the preliminary marketing strategy and business plan for the product. A few of the product concepts will be submitted for patents and have the potential to get commercialized.

Visit the entire collection of innovations at wne.edu.



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