HINCKLEY — The L. C. Bates Museum, 14 Easler Road, has announced the following January Saturday morning Children’s Nature Programs. All programs begin at 10 a.m.

• Saturday, Jan. 7: Mammal Skulls, Teeth and Claws will offer the opportunity to examine mammal skulls, teeth and claws to determine how they help each mammal. They can learn how some skulls and their teeth are designed well for hunting, chewing wood or grazing. Participants can count how many teeth a bear has and touch sharp bobcat teeth, and make a paper skull craft to take home, according to a news release from Deborah Staber at the museum.

• Saturday, Jan. 14: Earth and Space Activities will focus on how craters are made, the planets in the solar system, clouds and more.

• Saturday, Jan. 21: Amazing Sea Shells is an opportunity to learn about the interesting adaptations of different sea shells. See and touch tube worms, scallops, cone snails, cowries and local clams. Find out how their shells protect them and grow. Start a small shell collection to take home.

• Saturday, Jan. 28: Rocks, Rocks, participants can learn about many types of rocks and minerals and how they are all used. Marvel at the colors of the Maine state mineral. Start a mini-mineral collection.

The museum offers group tours, outreach programs and birthday parties from April to November.

For more information about the programs, contact the museum at 207-238-4250 or lcbates@gwh.org, visit gwh.org/lcbates, or find the museum on Facebook.


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